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We have a very strict deadline:


All Professional Submissions are due at 3pm PST today, Jan 17th






Presentaitons will start at 3:15pm in room 105, also, be sure to opt-into the correct prizes.  Presentationss are 5 mintues and you have time for QAs with the judges.


Judging will take place immediately after everyone has presented, and winners will be annouced today.


High School presentations begin at 1pm, please keep it quiet while they present. 


Invite your friends and family members, plenty of free parking.


Be Social:…

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When Can You Start Coding

Professional Hackers

You can start coding as soon as you register in person on Friday night. We do not really care when you create a repo, but coding should not start until you register in person on Friday night.

If you register in person, your team can start coding. This is meant to be an in-person hackathon so your team should not be remote. We understand that getting somewhere in LA is tough so on Friday night you can send 1 or two people to register and code.

Saturday we expect your entire team to register on site first…

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